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BONPLANMICRO promotes, collects and buys back your computer equipment

Based on our extensive database of I.T. components, BPM assesses the value of your equipment and offers you a detailed, itemized price offer for its redemption.
After an audit - on site or in our workshops - a full report detailing for every machine the model, serial number, your own internal inventory reference and the result of the test is provided to you.

In partnership with a DEEE (Déchets d’Équipement Électrique et Électronique)-approved recycling centre we can guarantee the recycling of worn out or non-reusable information technology products according to the latest recycling regulations, including the issuance of a BSD (“Bordereau de Suivi des Dechets” – CERFA 12571*01) form, detailing conformity of disposal.

The coupling of our principal activity, in the sale of information technology components and spare parts, with our culture of reuse allows us to propose the reutilisation of your I.T. materials – complete systems or components. This activity helps reduce waste by extending the operating life of I.T. equipment, and protects the environment in multiple ways.

Call us to arrange for a rapid collection of your old I.T. equipment including value audit, collection of the material from your premises and the secure deletion of any remaining private data.
Phone : (from France), +33 3 86 66 14 29 (from abroad)

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